Mog 231 e Whistleblowing

With a view to the continuous improvement that inspires Cantina Terre del Barolo’s operations, the Company has adopted the Organisation, Management and Control Model (MOG)V referred to in Legislative Decree 231/2001 with the appointment of a Collegial Supervisory Body. This decision is the consequence of the efforts made by the Company to promote a culture inspired by legality, ethics and correctness, together with the desire to provide the Company with a system of effective and efficient principles and rules of conduct that guide its operations.

The Model is made up of a General Part and a number of Special Part. The first one is descriptive of the regulatory principles and the company reality, while the second is divided into homogeneous categories of crimes, containing references to the specific rules above, aimed at preventing the commission of relevant criminal offences pursuant to the legislation. The Model also consists of a  Code of Ethics , expressive of the founding and inspiring values ​​that drive company operations in internal and external relationships.

Download and consult the text of MOG 231
(This is an internal procedure and written in Italian)

With the introduction of Legislative Decree no. 24/2023, Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 has been transposed.

Such Directive concerns the protection of people who report violations of Union law which harm the public interest or the integrity of the private entity;
it also contains provisions regarding the protection of people who report violations of national regulatory provisions.

The Company has adopted a specific procedure for the management of reports in compliance with the aforementioned legislation. 

Download and consult the text of Whistleblowing Procedure
(This is an internal procedure and written in Italian)