Grappa di Barolo

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Grappa di Barolo

Varietal: Nebbiolo

Grappa made only from selected pure pomace of Nebbiolo grapes used to make Barolo wine. During its ageing in oak barrels the aroma and taste merge, and the product acquires softness, fragrance, a silky flavour and an unmistakeable straw-yellow colour.

Colour: light amber
At the nose: intense, with a hint of soft spices
At the palate: woody overtones, smooth, deep and mature, with a long finish.
Contents: 70 cl
Alcohol: 43% Vol.
Serving temperature: 18-20°C.

Pairing: serve at the end of a meal.

Distilled in Alba by Distilleria Dott. Mario Montanaro, Frazione Gallo D’Alba.